Main Street  Goodell, Ia   Looking West                    Main Street  Goodell, Ia     Looking East         


    site  Old Furniture Store Don Sunken - Old Waage Repair Building                 Goodell - Hancock County Shed         

        Cashman's Elevator  Goodell, Ia                                                   Whites Elevator  Goodell, Ia



at Belmond, Ia  July 4th 1911

Goodell JUL  noted on photo   top right     Float of Girls  Representing  The States     ( thinking  Postcard is labeled July 4-'12  )        

Left Millinery and dress making - Center   Wesenberg HARNESS SHOP -  Right edge  Opera House

Rock Island Depot in the busy times  - about 1910 
Thought to be Walt Ahrenkiel in doorway: A.D White with hand raised : behind him , Frank McNulty  Beside  Frank Mc Nutt.
 Left corner Dave Finn.   Wagon  family of Klemme, Iowa ? Lau and Son


Left photo  Savogue Restaurant   & BARBER SHOP                          Right photo    GLOBE OFFICE and BOARD \  ROOMS

                     Cement Factory                                                                              Creamery     (on right Background is the Depot)

Larinda Mason, Helen Nolte, Bobbie?, Bonnie ?, Jennifer Mason, Jamie Mason, Christopher Nolte, Tarah Boelman, Travis Nolte, Nicholas Smith, Wayne Mason