shared by Belmond, IA Historical Society (neighboring town south 5 miles of Goodell)

UPPER GROVE   -   Renamed Amsterdam -       most settlers being natives of Amsterdam , New York

1854     Anson and Lovina Avery were the first settlers of Hancock county - Upper Grove

1857    First Post Office in county in Benome Haskin's cabin. County records kept here, possibly.   
  Then in Amsterdam   and in 1866    moved to Goodell   Post   Office.

1857   Black OX Inn built. after 1905 used as a private home. Torn down in 1955.
Last building of Amsterdam , which the became a ghost town.

1858    Amsterdam laid out by Robert Irwin.

1859    First store opened by Edward Rogers.

1860    First Doctor (Hancock county) in Amsterdam - no courthouse but county records
 were kept here until courthouse was built at Concord .

1861    First county's newspaper was published in Amsterdam .

1863    C. J. Boughton opened furniture store.

1863    Boot and shoe store opened by Sylvester Stockwell

1868    A mercantile business was opened by A. D. Haims.

1863-1890    A grist mill built on river by A.D. Haims

1875   Grade for "Slippery Elm" Railroad was built. The contractor
absconded with monies and railroad was never completed.

     B. C. R.& R  Railroad was built close to "Slippery Elm" route and later was Rock Island
         The Railroad missed Amsterdam . A station was built in Goodell and Amsterdam
faded away  The Last   store Closed in 1888 - Amsterdam became History

Goodell was founded in 1884, when the depot was built along the railroad. It was first named Cashman for the man who built the grain elevator along the B CR& N Railroad, but the name soon Changed to Goodell, after John Henry Goodell, one of the financial backers of the railroad. The next few years several houses and other buildings were moved into the new village from Amsterdam. By 1887 Goodell had a population of 50 and 11 businesses were listed in the directory. A tornado damaged a part of Goodell on July 4, 1888. In true pioneer spirit, the people rebuilt their homes & businesses. More Amsterdam residents moved across the Iowa River over the old town bridge. By 1897 the number of business establishments had grown to 34. Goodell's population high was 300 until about 1914.

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